Cargo Cairtaker

There are times or occasions you need help for your cargo related activities. Maybe your company is temporarily understaffed due to illness or holiday? Or you have an ad-hoc charter that needs to be handled properly and carefully? We provide the services you need.


Total CargoCair is 24/7 at your disposal for these activities and many more. The company is founded by Thom Bekker, an experienced and flexible cargo veteran who is more than happy to act as your Cargo Cairtaker.

Track Record

  • More than 30 years of working experience at both airline and GSA in the international cargo industry
  • Knowing the best way to interact and cooperate with parties such as airports, handlers, forwarders, trucking and security companies, shippers, Customs.
  • Knowledge of all types of aircraft, containers, ULD’s and cargo.
  • Business experience across borders, with people of many cultures.


Total CargoCair provides cargo services in the broadest sense of the word and we are the extension of your company and the missing link in the logistics chain. The eyes and ears that you need on the platform, in the warehouse, at a truck, during loading or off-loading of cargo. Organizing your import or export flows in the most efficient way. Handling claims on your behalf. Taking care of your day-to-day cargo business in the most diverse ways.


Whether you are an airline, handler, GSA or trucking company: Total CargoCair has full knowledge of your type of business. Because of our experience, we are immediately deployable after a short briefing.


Flexible, 24/7 available both nationally and internationally, full accessibility (passes) to 1st and 2nd line handlers at Schiphol Airport.

And most of all: caring about your cargo business.

Let us take cair of your cargo!

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